Station To Station


Station To Station

Categories: 1970s, Long Hair, Love, Sex

Drama about an overprotected young man who is initiated into the world of man-to-man sex, only to be arrested for "soliciting" a plainclothes policeman. Ron's mother, after his arrest, tries to set him up with a female date. But he's not interested and instead ends up watching a nude photo shoot turn into sex. Here, a hairy and mustached man cuddles and kisses a lean and smooth partner. Much foreplay is followed by a hungry and wet blow job (a long one) for the hairy man. The duo 69 before Hairy humps the other's ass missionary-style. They both jack off to orgasm.

Featuring: Carl Ford, Chris Travis, Linda Hartley, Liz Wolfe, Ron Fischer, Steve Fox, Tim Christy, Tom Payne

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