Categories: 1990s, BDSM, Blowjobs, Fetish, Masculine, Orgy, Sex

This gay sex film shows the realism and sexual intensity of burly men in action! Realism, hot fucking segments, plenty of assplay, and more! Four rough cowboys corner the youngest member of the ranch crew (the ultimate bottom, Chris Burns) in the barn and work him over - he gets slapped, spanked, verbally degraded, mouth-fucked and ass-stretched (with cocks and dildos) repeatedly. It soon becomes apparent that the man is a true masochist, because his cock stays hard the entire time! The gang bang continues with larger dildos, tying the man's cock and balls up with a thong, two men fucking his mouth, and all the men jacking off and cumming all over Burns. After they leave, J.W. King frees the him and Burns, grateful, lets King sit on his face, 69 with him, and fuck him. Also included is a short feature called Jock Dreams, in which J.W. King and Eric Stryker, as two muscular athletes left behind in the locker room, fuck in and out of jockstraps.

Featuring: Chris Burns, Eric Stryker, J.W. King, Ray Medina, Sky Dawson, Todd Marshall

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