Food Sex


Food Sex

Categories: 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 69, Black, Blowjobs, Campy, Fetish, J/O, Latino, Masculine, Sex, Young Men

A Bijou Video original compilation of classic gay porn scenes focusing on sex, masturbation, foreplay, and fantasy involving food. Zucchinis, ears of corn, sausages, whipped cream, frosting, tomatoes, grapes, cucumbers, carrots, hot dogs, cantaloupes, bananas, and more! Featuring nearly two hours' worth of selections from many films, including Twelve at Noon, Big Bear Men, Home Movies, Hard Disk Drive, Rough Trades, Butt of Course, Butthole Banquet 2, California Blue, The Night Before, Lovers and Friends, Hooked on Hispanics 2: Bronx Crew, Butthole Banquet 3, and Morning Noon and Night, plus some brief interludes from other gay porn classics!

Featuring: Alcides Vicente, Alexis Knight, Bart Green, Casey Donovan, Coke Hennessy, Cole Taylor, Dave Daniels, David Ashfield, David Gorsky, Ebony Ayes, Edwardo Lopez, Greg Meirs, Hugh Allen, Jack Luft, Jamal Jones, Jason Robles, Jeff Stone, Jerome Smith, Joe Gage, Joel Curry, John Kass

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