Total Impact


Total Impact

Categories: 1990s, 69, Black, Blowjobs, J/O, Long Hair, Masculine, Sex, Young Men

A Robert Prion collection of sex scenes with lithe, spunky, well-hung men doing what comes naturally, without condoms, with very few exceptions. A blond muscle-hunk and his cleft-chinned friend beat off, then suck face (and each other) in a corn field. Three guys in a wooden bed get into a triple 69 session. Two guys in a mobile home do some man-to-man experimenting on the kitchen floor. In a garage, a hairy-chested repairman is sucked and fucked by two neighbors. A handsome lad jerks off to a porno mag. The final scene is a four-way with Joey Stefano.

Featuring: Bryon Rogers, Dane Thomas, David Grant, Eric Carter, Jay Richards, Jeromy Rogers, Joey Stefano, Karl Thomas, Keith Douglas, Rick Pantera, Rick Swayze, Rick Thomas, Vince Janos

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