Love a Man With a Beard 4


Love a Man With a Beard 4

Categories: 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 69, BDSM, Black, Blowjobs, Fetish, Handjobs, J/O, Masculine, Sex

The last of four volumes featuring some of the hottest vintage gay porn scenes starring bearded men! This volume includes scenes from classic gay porn movies: Show Hards ("Boiler Room"), Bullet Videopac 2 ("Pool Party"), Old Reliable: Hairy Men, Turbo Charge, Hot Truckin', Catching Up, The Sins of Johnny X, Confessions of a Male Groupie, Made in the Shade 2, and Erotic Hands.

Featuring: Al Parker, Bill, Chuck Samson, Dick, Don, Don Scott, James Williams, Jayson MacBride, Johnny Dillon, Keith, Keith Anthoni, Kurt Williams, Nick Rodgers, Uncredited

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