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Do you know who your neighbor is having sex with? A unique vintage gay porn collection of sexual episodes from Horizon Video. Rod Phillips, using a telescope, peeps into the windows of some very hot men's homes to satisfy his need for voyeuristic sex. Good-looking men, big dicks, and good sex makes Windows a winner! "Whether you call him a peeping Tom or a voyeur, the hero of Windows is someone who would just as soon watch as we do, sexually speaking... The third sequence in Windows finds Phillips being picked up and taken home by Brandon Wilde. Though it has little to do with the theme of Windows, the scene explores another fetish with such panache that one can't complain. Wilde, in faded jeans and Levi's jacket, strips, then redresses Phillips in them before surging into some very volatile, versatile sexplay. The things they do to the denim (and the things denim does to them) make this the peak of the film." - Manshots, May 1989

Featuring: Brandon Wilde, Case Harden, Chris Burns, Chris Thompson, Dwah, Dwan, John Jackson, Kevin Hunt, Melchor, Pierce Daniels, Rod Philips, Rydar Hanson, Tico Patterson

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