Crime Does Pay


Crime Does Pay

Categories: 1980s, Fetish, Masculine

Crime Does Pay is David Nesor's first attempt at a "storyline" in his series of heavy S&M video productions. A patron of an adult bookstore thinks he can get away with a free magazine, but is quickly spotted and hauled upstairs by Leather Rick. With his target chained up and restrained, Rick really lays it on, using paddles, a cat o' nine tails, and a long whip. The unnamed bottom screams and yells with each lash during this extremely heavy whipping sequence. Two horny store employees also come upstairs, take little notice of the punishment being given out, and one proceeds to tie the other up and fist him using lots of Crisco. After the whipping, Rick gets some lighted candles and starts to drip hot wax and singe body hair. The shoplifter finally is freed and made to crawl down the stairs. Rick throws his clothes down after him and finally the magazine. After all, he REALLY paid for it. (Followed by a shorter video entitled The Bloody End.)

Featuring: Donut, Leather Rick, Uncredited

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