Sexy Billy Blue


Sexy Billy Blue

Categories: 1990s, Bisexual, Blowjobs, Latino, Love, Masculine, Sex, Story

Lou Cass gives an award-winning performance as Billy, a young man who leaves his wife for a journey of self-discovery in Vegas and goes from being miserably straight to contentedly queer in this excellent, narratively-strong feature from Toby Ross. Cass' adventures include an affair with a husky Brazilian buddy, a bisexual threeway hotel hookup with with Gino Colbert and Ruby Jean Baker, sex in the desert, and a gay orgy on a yacht. This classic gay porn is both romantic and action-packed, sporting an unusually large cast of 26. "Director Toby Ross has made a gay sex film for today, filled with sex, but also imbued with positive gay values. Ross has given the gay community a film to be proud of." - Blueboy Magazine

Featuring:  Bill Jones, Alex Forrest, Brad Mayhew, Brandon Love, Brandy, Carlos Valentino, Craig Edwards, Eddy Leon, Gino Colbert, Janoush, Lou Cass, Max Spencer, Melchor, Michael Brandon, Rob Jarvis, Ruby Jean Baker, Rusty Thomas, Scott Jennings, Shanna McClough, Shaun Erickson, Tom Michael

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