From Paris to New York directed by Marvin Merkins

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This film epitomizes the ?gay macho? period of the 1970s in the looks of the cast and their sexual activity. A Frenchman comes to New York and discovers sex in a warehouse, a bathhouse, a leather bar, and on the docks. Structured around the week-long journey of Jerome (hairy and uncut Christopher Dock) in search of his lover, Paul, From Paris to New York shows all of the raw, gritty - and occasionally bizarre - sex Jerome encounters along the way. In French and English with subtitles.

1977 | 59 min. | A Bijou production

Featuring: Christopher Dock, Bob Bleecher, John Houston, Bill Grove, David Charles, Luke Morlay, David Barrow, Roger Gay, Keeson, Greg Christopher, Frank Bedford, Mark Lexington, Vic Sheridan, Tommy Charles, Steve Bank, Victor Hudson
Categories: Black, Fetish, Love, Leather, Masculine, Sex, Story, 1970s, Blowjobs, BDSM

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