Golden Years directed by Toby Ross

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A classic Toby Ross film about the good times and good sex of men in the prime of their lives - they share tender, loving sex and huge cocks while discovering and exploring their masculinity. Scott Miller (a skinny, long-haired young man with a cock bigger than he is) paints his body and dances on a table naked for his buddies. They kiss and play with their equipment until cumming all over one another. Another segment features two shaggy friends, one with a nice lithe body, engaging in a quick fuck. A cute guy performs a solo, laughing at the camera and climaxing. Another duo features blowjobs, petting, rimming, and ass-fucking. A babyfaced man joins a blond buddy for some rimming and butt humping. The film ends with a man at home by his fireplace conjuring up a friend in a silver visor. They have sex on a spiral staircase, 69, and fuck. Their sex ends with large orgasms and playing with the jism together. An excellent early vintage gay porn film and ode to man and manhood.

1982 | 120 min. | A Toby Ross production

Featuring: Scott Miller
Categories: J/O, Sex, 1980s, Young Men, Blowjobs, 69, Long Hair

Golden Years: Scene Images